Titan Fabricated Pressure Vessels

Piping Systems often have special requirements that can’t be accomplished with off-the-shelf products. To address this problem, Titan can design and fabricate pressure vessels based upon your detailed application requirements.
Using powerful 3D Modeling Tools, Titan Flow Control can quickly transform your design requirements into great products. These rapid development tools allow Titan to provide you with an accurate 3D Model before fabrication starts. This allows the end user to virtually review the design within their system: ensuring proper fit and avoiding costly mistakes.
Titan uses State-of-the-art fabrication equipment including Waterjet Technology, Robotic Pipe Cutters, CNC Machines, and one-of-a-kind machines designed by Titan’s engineers.
Talk with your Yeager Supply sales representative about OEM & End User services for Titan fabricated pressure vessels. There are numerous material options and unlimited customer specific design options available.
Titan OEM products:
  • Basket Strainers
  • Duplex Strainers
  • Tee Strainers
  • Temporary Strainers
  • Spectacle Flanges and Blinds
  • Identification Tags
  • Cover & Flow Options
  • Restriction Orifice Plates
And yes, they are made in the USA.


For more information or to request a quote call Yeager Supply, Inc. at 800-422-8140.
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