Each steam application has its own steam trap requirements. Selecting the right steam trap for your application could have a significant, positive impact on your process, potentially improving efficiency, reducing energy costs, and giving you a safer working environment. Join us to see Spirax Sacro’s effective steam trapping solutions.

Steam Trap Selection & Sizing

  • Thermodynamic steam traps

Maintaining optimum performance Thermodynamic steam traps are the best choice for steam mains drainage due to their simplicity, long life, and robust construction. With a large condensate capacity for their size, all stainless steel construction of our thermodynamic traps offers a high degree of resistance to corrosive condensate.

  • Mechanical steam traps

Maintaining optimum process performance Mechanical steam traps are ideal for use on process applications where condensate must be removed as soon as it forms, to safeguard against temperature fluctuation which would lead to issues such as product spoilage and inadequate heating. Spirax Sarco mechanical steam traps range is adaptable to all applications where instantaneous removal of condensate is required.

  • Thermostatic steam traps

Utilizing heat energy in condensate for applications where it would be desirable to make use of the heat in the condensate such as sterilization, a thermostatic steam trap is an ideal solution, as it will not open until the condensate temperature drops below saturated steam temperature. This allows the heat in the condensate to be utilized before it is drained off, which, in turn, reduces flash steam losses and can help to reduce energy costs.

Schedule a Steam Trap Survey

  • During this training you can also schedule Spirax Sarco and your Yeager Supply Sales Representative together to do a Steam Trap Survey of your steam trap population in your plant & make recommendations to help bring it up to peak operating efficiency. Survey includes taking inventory of steam traps, tag & test steam traps.

  • Upon your acceptance of the proposal & quote they will meet with you again to discuss your priorities & to schedule delivery of products listed on your purchase order.

To order Spirax Sarco Steam Products call Yeager Supply, Inc at 800-422-8140

Now customers can call us to request a Yeager Supply Spirax Sarco Steam Trap Survey
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