PRODUCT TRAINING: Apollo valves’ complete solution for your facilities Commercial or Industrial valves requirements made and sourced from the same organization


Join us at the Yeager Supply, Inc. training room on July 12, 2023, from 10:30am to 11:30am (register below)

Apollo valves has a complete solution for your facilities Commercial or Industrial valves requirements made and sourced from the same organization. Yeager Supply, Inc. is a wholesale distributor for Apollo valve products.
  • Bring your facilities' valve application questions or questions about any problem valves you may have.
  • Schedule a meeting with Yeager Supply sales representative & our Apollo Valve expert after training to come to your facility.


Today the “Apollo” brand is manufactured under the company name, Aalberts integrated piping systems, in three locations across South Carolina. Over the past 94 years, “Apollo” product portfolio has continued to grow, now encompassing ball valves, butterfly valves, safety relief valves, control valves, mixing valves and backflow preventors and more.


Apollo Valves produces a wide range of flow control products suitable for applications commonly found in Commercial Construction. Since 1928, they have been manufacturing reliable, full-featured products intended for use in a wide range plumbing / mechanical and HVAC applications.
Today, they have three state-of-the -art manufacturing facilities in South Carolina that are ISO 9001:2015 quality certified and include two foundries that produce brass forgings and bronze, steel, stainless and alloy castings. Their Commercial valves are designed to meet applicable national standards including performance, efficiency, and Lead-Free requirements. All valves are 100% factory tested prior to shipping.
Apollo Commercial Valve product lines include:
- Ball Valves
- Press Connection Valves
- Butterfly Valves (Resilient Seated and Double-Offset High Performance
- Gate, Globe, and Check Valves
- Balancing Valves
- Water Pressure Reducing Valves
- Backflow Preventers
- & more including Strainers


The “Apollo” portfolio of backflow preventers provides innovative products that help protect the clean potable water supply; offering superior pressure drop ratings, best-in-class ease of maintenance, minimal size, and shape, proudly made in the U.S.A., with an industry leading 5 year warranty on domestically made products.
The depth and assortment of these backflow preventers that are lead free and standard materials enable us to service all market segments in the plumbing, waterworks, irrigation, and fire protection channels.
1/2″ through 2″ testable bronze constructed backflow preventers have a modular check valve cartridge with a captured spring, replaceable seats, top mount test ports, and stainless steel handles which are standard equipment.
2 1/2″ through 8″ portfolio offering is constructed of a durable lead free stainless steel body, the patented “Apollo” Tri-Force check with captured springs, durable stainless steel check retainer clip (2 1/2″ – 6″) replaceable seats, low head loss.
10″ and 12″ backflow assemblies are constructed of epoxy coated ductile iron, with the same patented Tri-Force check technology which reduces head loss.
Whether a double check, double check detector assembly, reduce pressure principle, reduce pressure principle detector assembly, pressure vacuum breaker, spill resistant vacuum breaker, dual check, atmospheric vacuum breaker, or carbonated beverage backflow preventer is needed, they have it all!


At their Pageland, SC foundry, the plant produces cast bodies and components for valves in sizes from ½” to 12 inches. Thousands of tons of Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy 20, and other exotic alloys are cast there annually to exact specifications. Continuous Auto-Pour casting techniques allow them to ship more bronze castings every year.
- Ball valves
- Butterfly valves
- Mixing valves
- Backflow preventers
- Safety relief valves
“Apollo” Valves always has been and always will be American made. The steel casting operation at their Conway, SC foundry features both lost-wax investment castings and no-bake air-set castings. They are committed to American manufacturing.




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