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90-Count TUB O’ TOWELS - #TW90
10” x 12” extra large
heavy duty cleaning wipes
are great for use on
the job or at home.
40-Count TUB O’ TOWELS - #TW40
A more portable 7” x 8” size wipe
with a slim profile for the glove box,
tool box or tackle box.
  • 100% SOLUTION SOAKED - Every wipe comes out of the container fully saturated and ready to work hard. Thanks to the unique wicking nature of Tub O’ Towels wipes, combined with just the right amount of solution in every canister, wipes are always moist, never dry. Other wipes start drying out before they even hit the shelves.
  • DURABLE FIBER WEAVE - More scrubbing power for the effort while staying gentle on hands and soft surfaces. A special fiber weave wicks up moisture, enhances scrubbing and grabs dirt. The quilted design offers cushioning and surface texture. Thanks to the combination of the two, dirt’s a goner.
  • OVERSIZED, OVERACHIEVING - Bigger, stronger, and tougher by design. Tub O’ Towels cleaning wipes are generously sized (10” x 12” in the 90-count tub) and made of a heavy-duty polyfiber blend, not cotton. This means they won’t fall apart on the job.
  • CLEAN WITHOUT THE MEAN - Tub O’ Towels provides hard-core cleaning, without the hard-core chemicals. Our high-performance blend of biodegradable detergents and emulsifiers goes to work dissolving grease and dirt, while foaming agents lift it off the surface so it can easily be wiped away.
  • TOUGH ON DIRT, GENTLE ON HANDS - Our wipes contain aloe, vitamin E and lanolin to protect hands and leave them clean and soft. While designed to clean thousands of surfaces, there’s one surface Tub O’ Towels cleans especially well - your hands. No matter what you get on them, permanent marker included, Tub O’ Towels will take it right off.

Tub O’ Scrub® Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner
  •  Unique Biodegradable Formula
  •  Removes grease, oil and tough grime without water.
  •  Walnut shell formula will NOT block drains or septic tank systems.
  •  Other formulas contain low-cost pumice that can clog drains or septic systems.
  •  Walnut shells are completely sanitized and safe for use.
  •  Contains NO Petroleum Distillates, which can be harmful to skin, water, and septic systems.
  •  Lotion-Like Formula
  •  Lanolin, aloe vera, and vitamin E among other emollients that leave hands soft and moisturized after use.
Free All Deep Penetrating Oil
  • Free All® spreads deep into rusted or frozen parts, freeing them with ease.
  • Penetrates rust, scale and corrosion to free parts and assemblies.
  • Loosens tar, grease, carbon, and graphite deposits.
  • Specially formulated rust eating agent is ideal for plumbing, automotive, marine, and general industrial applications.
  • Will free up threaded pipe connections, rusted machine screws, bolts, nuts, clamps for mufflers and tail pipes, pillow blocks, universal joints, locks, etc.
  • Contains NO silicones, making it safe for use in paint and body shop environments.



Gasoila SOFT-SET Thread Sealant – PTFE
  • Soft-setting, PTFE paste.
  • Provides a positive seal on pipe threads, joints, fittings, hoses, nozzles, LPG cylinders, pump assemblies, oil burners, hydraulics, compressors, engines, motors, housings, plugs, fuellines, couplings and more.
  • Use on brass, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, black pipe, tin, galvanized, most plastics and more. Check with plastic pipe manufacturer to determine compatibility with Gasoila® Soft-Set.
  • Excellent resistance to gasoline (up to 20% alcohol and petroleum blends), petroleum solvents, kerosene, diesel oil, propane, butane, LPG, cutting oils, ammonia, aliphatic solvents, acids, steam, potable water, compressed air and more. NOT for use with oxygen.
  • Remains pliable in cold temperatures.
  • Temperature Range: -100°F to 600°F (-75°C to 315°C).
  • Pressure Range: To 10,000 PSI (689 bar) sealing liquids; to 3,000 PSI (206 bar) sealing gases.
  • One year shelf life when stored at 40°F to 80°F (5°C to 27°C).
View Gasoila Sealant Reference Chart.
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