SPIRAX SARCO STS 17.2 steam trap station has been designed to provide a convenient ‘ready-to-install’ trapping solution which has an upstream isolation valve, a universal connector with strainer, a check valve, and a downstream isolation valve.

Key features and benefits:

  • Quick and simple maintenance of steam trap with simple two-bolt connector, reducing system downtime and maintenance costs compared to traditional trapping stations.
  • Single permanent in-line component, ease of specification and installation.
  • Pre-assembled construction minimizing on-site fabrication, quick and easy installation, no screwed connections therefore reducing potential leak paths.
  • All stainless steel construction, long and trouble-free life with good corrosion resistance and ‘cleanliness’.
  • Compatible steam trap options providing flexible supply and selection.
  • An in-trap sensing option providing automatic steam trap operation indication.

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