Save on pre-fab shop time and labor with Watts QT QuickTurn, the water closet carrier designed for faster pre-fab assembly speed and easy adjustability in the field. Featuring a unique wall plate and quarter-turn locking nipple, QT QuickTurn carriers provide ease of assembly and can be fully serviced from outside the finished wall.
Unique Wall Plate & Nipple Design
Perfect your installs with a built-in wall plate that locks the nipple in place. After installation, nipples can be easily adjusted, resealed, and retested from outside the finished wall.
Faster Pre-Fab Assembly Speed
Save on labor, time, and money:
  • Eliminate changing out sockets with same size bolt heads.
  • Easily install fabricated flush valve supports with 3/8-inch threaded bosses.
  • Efficiently mount uprights on angle iron or strut rails with side-facing feet.
View Videos: QT QuickTurn™ Carriers
For more information or to request a quote call Yeager Supply, Inc. at 800-422-8140.


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