NEW PRODUCT: New Milwaukee innovative M12 Pipeline Locator

Milwaukee new M12™ Pipeline Locator provides the most intuitive plumbing locating experience, simplifying the process of pinpointing sewer camera sondes and tracing underground sewer lines.

A directional arrow appears on the screen upon startup, immediately pointing in the direction of the sonde and eliminating the need for you to guess and check which direction to start. Once in range, a sonde icon appears on the screen, confirming its exact location. Two omni-directional antennas eliminate false peaks and increase both sensitivity and precision, making it easier to locate than ever before.

Featuring a 4.3” color LCD screen, the locator simplifies navigation and provides you a clear on-screen image even in direct sunlight. The locator has an IP65 rating for durability in harsh, outdoor working environments.

The MILWAUKEE® M12™ Pipeline Locator is powered by M12™ REDLITHIUM batteries to deliver all day runtime on a single charge. The locator is equipped with ONE-KEY™ tracking, security, and inventory management to protect your investment.

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For a quotation or to order the M12™ Pipeline Locator 2580-21 simply call Yeager Supply, Inc. at 800-422-8140

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