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MILWAUKEE PACKOUT™ Racking Kit includes two PACKOUT™ racking shelves and two 20” lengths of E-Track that allow you to attach and mount your racking system to a wide variety of surfaces: including your vans, trucks, trailers, garages, and shops. Featuring a metal reinforced frame and impact-resistant body, these tool storage racks have a 50lbs weight capacity per shelf and allow you to customize and build a PACKOUT™ System that fits your needs. This Racking Kit is part of the MILWAUKEE® PACKOUT™ Modular Storage System, the industry's most durable and versatile storage system.
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MILWAUKEE PACKOUT™ modular storage system is the industry's most durable and versatile storage system.Download MILWAUKEE PACKOUT MODULAR STORAGE SYSTEMS BROCHURE
MILWAUKEE The PACKOUT™ organizer is constructed with impact resistant materials so it can withstand harsh jobsite environments. An IP65 rated weather seal protects your tools, accessories, and small parts from rain and other jobsite debris.
  • The organizer's interior features 10 removable storage bins that are easily mountable on the jobsite for quick access.
  • The transparent lid of the organizer seals the bins to prevent contents from migrating and shifting during transport.
  • Heavy duty latches and reinforced hinges ensure that the organizer keeps the contents contained and protected.
  • Milwaukee PACKOUT™ modular storage allows you to customize and build your own storage system to easily transport and organize your tools and accessories.
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