NEW PRODUCT: Everlast Elevate perfect for retrofit applications of existing electric products

Raising the Delivery Capacity Residential Amplified Electric Water Heating only From HTP
NEW: Elevate has the Capability to Replace Conventional 55-, 65-, 80- or 100-Gallon Electric Models via Two Mixing Devices:
  1.  Internal Anti-Mixing DeviceInternal Mixing Device – Industry Leading First Hour Delivery
    Engineered to effectively “Stack the Tank” to maximize availability of hot water for several applications maximum of 133-gallon delivery*
  2. External Anti Scald Mixing Device – ASSE 1017
Set Elevate small footprint electric water heater devices size water heater at different thermo stat settings: 55/125F default, 65/140F, 80/150F, 100/170F
SIMPLE REPLACEMENT: The Elevate is perfect for retrofit applications of existing electric products – fits where existing tank is located – 30 AMP
 Set Tank Thermostats to 150ºF
The External Mixing Valve is Set from Factory to Deliver DHW Setpoint of 120ºF at Hot Water Outlets*
316L Stainless Steel Inner Tank – Light Weight guaranteed optimum corrosion resistance and extended tank life –backed by a lifetime warranty* / 6 years on parts*
100% Production Testing every single product is carefully and strictly tested for to meet stringent product specifications, delivering best in class quality and reliability
Simple Installation – 30 AMP – most common breaker size designed with components already installed from factory; ELEVATE is designed as drop in replace with electric products ranging from 55-gallon to 100-gallon capacity
Safety and Certifications – ASSE 1017 Certified Mixing Valve for Scald Protection; UL Certified to meet UL174 safety standards AHRI listed for FHR and UEF ratings
Tank / Storage / Delivery Range capable of internal tank temperatures 125-170ºF / Outlet temperature range 90-130ºF - allows for precision delivery for each individual customer’s needs
 Range of Capability 55-gallon capacity allows elevated internal tank temperature with external mixing to cover applications from 55- to 100-gallon replacement
 Aluminum Anode Rod added protection for years of trouble-free performance
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